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Pets for love. Pets for life.

Having a pet is healthy for you!

Research is being done at colleges and universities across the country on how to improve the lives of our pets and how they improve our lives. According to studies done by the University of Missouri at Columbia and Purdue University, having a pet can make you live longer and improve your overall health.

Even the CDC states that pets are good for you and can decrese blood pressure, cholesterol levels, triglyceride levels and feelings of loneliness while increasing opportunities for exercise and social interaction.

Get out - I'm trying to poop!

The only time shooting animals is cool

Having a bad day.

I've always wanted a boat.

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Don't mess with crazy

Swiffer is a 10 month old feral rescue. She and her siblings were found only a couple weeks old, living under an abandoned vehicle on the side of a busy street. This little gal was the shyest of the bunch.

A nice soft petting with a store bought duster brought her out of her shell and turned her into the lovable, playful lap cat she is now. When she's not giving the crazy eye, she has beautiful blue eyes and sits pretty like a figurine.

Most of the litter survived thanks to generous volunteers and foster homes. Please help prevent this from having to happen.

Feral Cat Project

Stop Animal Cruelty

Help to end puppy mills and cruel breeding practices. Is saving money worth more than saving lives?

Some people think we shouldn't treat animals like humans. Maybe humans shouldn't behave like animals. Please help stop animal cruelty.

Join the ASPCA

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